Alibaba announces ‘cloud-powered’ OS

Alibaba announces ‘cloud-powered’ OS

Jul 29, 2011

Alibaba announces ‘cloud-powered’ Aliyun OS, K-Touch W700 phone

By  posted Jul 29th 2011 5:56AM

Ready for another mobile operating system? Alibaba certainly is, having just unveiled its Aliyun OS. The new entrant will apparently be “fully compatible” with apps from Android through a proprietaryWaterloo-style emulation layer. We don’t know exactly how that’ll work, but come September we’ll find out when the new OS ships on a rebranded Tian Hua K-Touch, the W700, for ¥2,680 (or around $416). We’re also interested in the firm’s tightly-knit cloud services, with users receiving 100GB to store their “contact information, call logs, text messages, notes and photos” — accessible from both PCs and Aliyun-toting handsets. With future plans for tablets and “other devices” in the works, coupled with incessanthinting from Baidu, those of you hellbent on fierce OS competition might want to consider relocating to China.

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