AMD Phenom II x4 965 Black Edition Is Here

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Experience a new world of quad-core computing with the AMD Phenom II X4 965. Every aspect of this processor was designed with speed and energy efficiency in mind. AMD64 with Direct Connect Architecture and 45nm technology has created a tuned processing pipeline that helps keep your system performing at the highest levels. HyperTransport Technology provides up to 16.0GB/s bandwidth to reduce system bottlenecks and AMD Balanced Smart Cache ensures quick access times to highly used data.
Energy efficiency is important to AMD, allowing you to enjoy a cool, quiet PC while saving energy and reducing heat, noise and the effect of your computer on the environment. Energy efficiency innovations include Cool’n’Quiet and AMD CoolCore. These technologies reduce power consumption and processor activity.
AMD Phenom II processors also offer support for Virtualization Technology. You can run virtual environments on one system with ease, allowing you to use legacy programs on a separate operating system. Add the convenience and power of multi-core processing and enjoy the benefits of energy efficiency with an AMD Phenom II.

See what others are saying:

Pros: Prime95: 3.6ghz @1.264v at 52c on stock cooler. Temp drops 10c moments after Prime95 is stopped. Most of the time it runs about 35c. I am very pleased with the undervolting performance. Have not tried to take it to 3.8ghz yet.

My Kill-a-watt is missing, but my UPS is reporting idle=65 watts and full load= 150.

Cons: Stock HSF runs at 3000->6000 rpm and sounds like a mini vac. (one egg off for stock HSF)

Prime95 @ 1.4v took the temps up 60c in less a minute or two. (max temp for cpu is 62c) Fan ran at 6000+ rpm.

The computer is in a noisy area of the house, so fan noise is not a huge deal at this time.

Other Thoughts: I looked into an aftermarket cooler, but a web site said the stock AMD HSF performed well but was noisy. I am going to replace the thermal paste with arctic silver 5 and see if it helps.

Pros: This chip is a beast. 4 cores of power for such an amazing price. AMD is where it’s at to get bang for your buck.

This is the Black edition which means the multiplier is unlocked which is nice for those of you who want to have “fun” with your chip.

Very easy to install.

Great for gaming and multitasking.

Cons: None

Other Thoughts: This is a great chip at a great price. You won’t be disappointed. I upgraded for a dual core I got 5 years ago. This thing can chew it up and spit it out with only one of its four cores.

I upgraded from a PII X2 550. No unlocked cores, and only would run at 3.4ghz on stock voltage

Pros: Fast, fast, fast. Easy install, standard fan seems fine to me! This CPU will give me many years of good service for my needs. Very happy with this purchase. Was going to get the 955, but happened to hit a good combo deal and got this one instead.

Cons: Wasn’t BOGO?!, computer repair in schaumburg, data recovery in schaumburg, laptop repair in schaumburg