Anon Strikes Again!

Paypal is the golden trophy of hackers. Paypal takes every precaution to ensure maximum security since nearly ALL of their business is done online. After having their way with MasterCard and Visa, the Anonymous group now calling themselves Legion has taken PayPal down at 9:04 CST. The site is now inaccessible except through Mobile applications and avenues because the mobile homepage has remained in tact. Never the less this image was uploaded to the site this evening althought it has been promptly removed and now the two sides are fighting to gain control of the server’s integrity. Legion is here, and this is their message:


With nearly half a million followers on Twitter, WikiLeaks has been a powerful force in creating transparency in large governments. As of two days ago, they have over 507 different hosting sites world wide to create the largest website redundancy and keep their information and message always accessible. This is a story worthy of our modern age and Legion has drawn our attention to it. This one of the largest internet protests of all time.

On a personal note, it is rare to see attacks like this occur. Often times hackers are private and quiet and seek to gain information for their own gain. This is a world wide attempt however to overthrow the major financial engines that dictate our economy. The most amazing aspect of these attacks is that there was so little time to coordinate everything. After all, they have only had two days to plan everything. They even made a guide for anyone else who wants to help with their efforts.

But that’s not all! Just found tonight 9:40pm, Operation Payback posted another image indicating their plans to take down the US Senate website! Check this link out for further proof: . We have seen what they can do so far and have no reason to doubt their abilities. There is a record of their attacks on Warner Brothers which left the site helpless, unreachable, and unmanageable for over 30 hours. The nature of the attacks really is unstoppable since you would literally have to shut down the entire internet in order to prevent them. The attacks are based on a simple logon to a website which would be great for any websites traffic. The power of this tool comes in replicating the inbound signals into a website and choking the machinery’s way of percieving them. Therefore this is a large-scale info war that is unpredictable and uncontrollable. More info coming as it becomes available.

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