Apple/Mac Repair

Kamien Computers Apple Repair in Schaumburg

  • Apple Data Recovery– Apple data recoveries cost the same as PC data recoveries. The difference is how and which tools we use to retrieve data from the memory of the hard disk. The process is always challenging and results are never guaranteed, however our success rate is often extremely high (>90%)
  • Apple Software Failures- Most Apple repairs come to us in the form of software issues or the rare virus and spyware removals. Though some software failures can be terminal to the life of the operating system, the files can usually be recovered without too much difficulty and the operating system can be re-installed if the software issues cannot be resolved.
  • Apple Hardware Failures- Physical failures are typically the most common for Apple products and devices based on manufacturer defect or accidental damage. Most often the hard disk is the unit that tends to fail because of the fact that there is so many mechanically moving pieces in the device that it cannot maintain its integrity. These issues along with keyboard, trackpad, and motherboard failures can be fixed by Kamien Computers.

Questions? Concerns?

The best course of action if there is any question or loss of performance, is to call Kamien Computers at 847-348-0264 for a free consultation on what to do next. The consultation has no obligation and could prevent situations from worsening dramatically.