Join Our Team

While we are always in search of new talent and offering the prospect of working with highly motivated individuals, currently we have positions available for the following positions:

Hardware Repair Technician

While a formal degree is not required for this position, you are expected to be able to perform the following repairs: • xbox 360 rrod • ps3 ylod • nintendo ds dc jack repair • laptop bga reflow/reball

IT Support for Business

Formal Education in the field helps. Be advised we are looking for individuals skilled in the following areas: • Server installation/maintenance • Network infrastructure • Server 2003, Server 2008 • FTP, HTTP

If you’re interested in any or both of these positions, please fill out your name below, along with the position you’re interested in, and write us a brief message about why you want to work with us. In turn, we will respond asking for a resume. Thanks for you interest in our position, we hope to meet you soon.

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