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Normalization of data can be defined as a process during which the existing tables of a database are tested to find certain data dependency between the column and the rows or normalizing of data can be referred to a formal technique of making preliminary data structures into an easy to maintain and make efficient data structure

With data normalization any table dependency detected, the table is restructured into multiple tables (two tables) which eliminate any column dependency. Incase data dependency is still exhibited the process is repeated till such dependency are eliminated. The process of eliminating data redundancy is based upon a theory called functional dependency

Importance of normalization

  • It highlights constraints and dependency in the data and hence aid the understanding the nature of the data
  • Normalization controls data redundancy to reduce storage requirement and standard maintenance
  • Normalization provide unique identification for records in a database
  • Each stage of normalization process eliminate a particular type of undesirable dependency
  • Normalization permits simple data retrieval in response to reports and queries
  • The third normalization form produces well designed database which provides a higher degree of independency
  • Normalization helps define efficient data structures
  • Normalized data structures are used for file and database design
  • Normalization eliminate unnecessary dependency relationship within a database file