Dell Vostro 360 Review

Dell Vostro 360 Review

Aug 27, 2011

Dell Vostro 360 unveiled in China, a decently priced all-in-Yuan

Dell’s Chinese site just took the wraps off the Vostro 360 all-in-one, which we already glimpsed in some prematurely released support documents. The product page actually calls it the ‘Vostro Success 360’ to hammer home its productivity focus, as if the inclusion of Windows 7 Professional Edition wasn’t enough. Other specs are pretty much as expected: a choice of touchscreen or non-touchscreen variants of the 23-inch Full HD WLED display, Intel i3 or i5 processors with the H61 chipset and up to a terabyte of 7200RPM storage. There’s also a 1GB NVIDIA GeForce GT 525M for those out-of-hours LAN parties. The 4,999 Yuan price tag for the base model translates to a respectable $780, but we’ve no clue as to when this office beauty will arrive outside the Chung Kuo.

Fujitsu LOOX F-07C review

For those who’ve been dwelling on this planet long enough, you might just remember a category of mobile computers by the name of UMPCs. In particular, think Sony’s VAIO UX, the OQO devices and the elusive xpPhone. Alas, those Windows devices were — and probably still are — well ahead of their time no thanks to their battery life, bulkiness and sometimes cost; though for some bizarre reason, Fujitsu begs to differ. In fact, said company took one step further and released a hybrid device in Japan: the LOOX F-07C, a QWERTY slider phone that can switch between Symbian and Windows 7 at a click of a button. Interesting combination, right? Read on to find out how this weird device fares in real life.