Google launches Hotel Finder

Google launches Hotel Finder

Jul 29, 2011

Google launches Hotel Finder, finds a way to recycle Google Maps reviews

By now, it should be no secret that Google wants to get up in your online trip-planning business (if it wasn’t somehow there already). First, there was the announcement that El Goog would buy ITA, the company serving up pretty much all of your online ticketing options — a deal that stillhasn’t closed. Then came flight schedule searches and now, the outfit’s rounding it all out by throwing hotels into the mix. The company just launched Hotel Finder, a service that lets you — wait for it — find a place to lay your weary head in these great fifty states. At first glance, it’s little more than a specific use case for Google Maps — just type in a city or US zip code to get a map with the usual spreads of pinpoints. Though Google won’t be the middleman booking your hotel reservation, you can use the tool to fine-tune your search, drawing circles on the map to scour multiple neighborhoods. As you’d expect, you can also whittle the search by price and rating, and read reviews that people originally posted on Google Maps. One thing we’re liking about the UI is that you don’t have to open a new tab to read the full spill on a hotel — you can just click the listing to see it expand right there, alongside pretty photo collages. Hit the source link to poke around, though if its bare-bones simplicity turns you off, don’t say Google didn’t warn you — the tool is so new that Google isn’t calling it a “beta” so much as an…experiment.



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