Greenpois0n jailbreak for iOS 4.2.1 released. (Untethered)

After months now, the untethered jailbreak for all iOS 4.2.1 supported devices have been released. Although the official software update has been out for quite some time, it took long for an actual exploit to be applied in order to enable the jailbreaking of the devices. Three days ago the Mac supported version of the jailbreak was released, now it is possible to use the program on a Windows machine too. All Linux users must wait for an update, although it is not yet released, it is confirmed that a Linux version will be created. The jailbreak isn’t much different than previous ones with the same name and it does not include exclusive functions such as a custom boot logo which many people were hoping for. Even then it was a long awaited release and large amounts of people including myself are now happy about the additional functionality that it is providing to the newer 4.2.1. firmware. Although it is as always advised to be careful while going through such process and back up all data, it now seems to be safe to do after all the sucessful testing.

Download link:

Untethered jailbreak – It is a jailbreak that unlike tethered, does not require for the device to be connected to the computer while being restarted in order to conserve the functionality of the modification.

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