Hidden Files Virus (Solved!)

Missing Documents and Desktop Icons?

Have you turned on your computer recently only to find that all of your files and folders are missing? In fact, it may not the be the case that they have been deleted, but rather they are hidden! Recently, new viruses have been developed that actually destroy the the permissions within windows and override them with the programming of the virus. Basically the goal is to make you think you lost your system files so that you eventually look at purchasing whichever fake anti-virus shows up in the system. So how do you get rid of the infection?

Start the computer in safemode w/networking (press f8 after inital POST screen) and be very careful not to delete your temporary files. Doing so may cause a loss in data. All of your start up programs are actually located in this directory and you’ll have to reincorporate them back into your programs directory so as not to lose them.

I’ve recently found a tool call RRT which I highly recommend for removing restrictions place on the operating system like the hidden files or limitations to the user account. You have to be careful in unhiding the files manually because you could affect critical windows components which are supposed to stay hidden. Performing a system restore wont help either.

The next step is to run RKILL and don’t be alarmed if it doesn’t seem like it is doing anything. In fact, it’s working on your system. You can find links to it below:

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4

Furthermore you can run MalwareBytes which is available online (I recommend the free version).