Horror Stories of Computer Repair

Horror Stories of Computer Repair

Jan 3, 2011

Technical failures can be a nightmare. This was the case for one of our clients last week so I felt pressed to make a post dedicated to telling his story so we can all be more prepared for the “worst case scenario” of our daily technical realm. In this case we have one gentleman who is a local business owner working in sales and procurement with a lot of big names like Target, Shopko, Zurich (North American branch), Festival Foods, and the list goes on. He has a small office whereby he manages a small but expert staff who assist and compliment his efforts.

If you have done tech support for small firms like this before, you are probably way ahead of the story by now and you are already jumping to the conclusion that this must be about data loss. In fact, you would be right in taking that leap. The number one issue our business clients have is not having their data backed up. I won’t tell you that you should back up your data every day or every two minutes but it is mandatory to determine a reasonable time and recurring day to back these things up. In this case, our client had last backed up his information 3 months back and had put in countless hours of work and sales over the Christmas sales season (the most profitable time of year for retail/sales). In such an case, it would be wise to back up your data every week at least and across at least two mediums to guarantee the survival of that data. Better yet, if you don’t want to worry about your data at all, Kamien Computers offers a special IT Support contract for local businesses to have their data fully backed up twice a month and their computers checked regularly for viruses. It may be the right solution for you if you’d rather focus on your work than the technical aspects of your business.

The story gets even better though. We know his data went missing but what are the details? In this case, it was a message that had popped up on boot indicating there was a hard drive failure that needed administrative activity. Our client proceeded to call the Geek Squad since their name is widely associated with technical support. They asked him to pay a visit to the store and after doing so he had spent nearly $1000 for a new computer, service costs, and data backup solutions which became ineffective. Our client was asked to boot up his computer, use a $40 software to migrate information over to a $100 external hard drive which was smaller in capacity than the internal hard drive of his failing machine. After sending him away to try to figure these things out on his own and being -$1000 our client believe his data to be backed up but couldn’t verify it. After realizing that his data was missing, he came to us for professional help.Computer Frustration In fact the hard drive he was using had been failing and the software he was using simply was not getting the job done. Our resolution was to back up the data immediately from the hard drive ourselves for half the price our competitors do it and then help our client setup a free software with his external hard drive to sync the data on a regular schedule whenever it’s plugged in. I can personally attest that this software is a life saver and very easy to use. I have it installed free on all of the servers we manage for the sake of replicating data effectively and without the use of a ton of resources. In fact, we even use it to backup data wireless between different remote locations. The potentials really are unlimited. Once our client realized we were able to retrieve 100% of his data with high integrity (meaning the data was complete, stable, and unfragmented), he was thrilled to promise he would bring his business to us next time he needed IT Support.

Moral of the story is, always back up your data regularly and make good decisions about who supports your computers. Don’t take your computer to the big guys; instead take it to your local and trusted computer repair location. We work for less and our business does not depend on our size but rather on our service and local reputation which you help us create. All of the taxes we pay at the end of the year help pay for local schools, libraries, and bring down the cost of taxes locally. All the money we make is spent here locally as well and goes back into the pockets of other local businesses or tuition for school. Your local big box corporation shares their profits and redistributes them throughout the nation to help improve their own income.

If you’d like to check out more about this software, this link can take you there. http://backup.comodo.com/