Internet Explorer 9 Pop-Ups Solved!

Having trouble with internet explorer 9 pop ups constantly interfering with what you do? There’s a few easy ways to solve this but hte most effective and common solution we’ve found is simply to disable Windows Updates. This can be done through the Control Panel and selection of “Turn Windows Updates on & Off.” For the time being, it seems like a bug within IE9 that Micrsoft hasn’t had a chance to work out yet. Maybe a future update will solve this.

Solution 2: Try resetting IE9 completely to default and wiping out and temporary files there may be. An easy way to do this is to begin by download a program online for free called CCleaner. After you run this temp file cleaner, it is advisable to press the ALT button within internet explorer and select Tools. From here you can select Internet Options and click on the Advanced Tab that appears. There will be two options here that you can select to restore all settings to default. Performing this reset should do the trick.

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