Laptop Repair Tips

Laptop Repair Tips

Jul 13, 2011

Laptop Repair Tips

Laptop computers can be complicated beasts but laptop repair isn’t as hard as the guys down the repair shop would have you believe.

We’ll show you step by step instructions for replacing components, photos for jobs that are specific to a particular make of machine, guides to help you troubleshoot problems on your laptop, fixes for commonly encountered issues on different makes of machines and piles of good laptop repair info!

Looking for advice on any of these?

Notebook computers (laptops) are becoming more and more widely used, they’re portable and don’t take up nearly as much room as traditional desktop computers.
Learn to repair laptops yourself and you can save a lot of money, our aim is to give you accurate, relevant information to help you get the job done.

And if there is specific repair info you want and can’t find it on the site, just submit a request and we’ll do the research for you.

If your laptop or PC isn’t running as well as it should FRC Tech also offer a range of services to get your machine running like new, you can find out more here.
FRC Tech can help you get your laptop from Lenovo running like a charm.

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Laptop Computer Repair Tips And Hints
Don’t want to do the wrong thing and turn your whizbang laptop into an expensive paperweight? Better have a look at our laptop computer repair tips and hints and get your repair right first time.
A Do It Yourself Guide to Laptop Keyboard Repair
Like to do your own laptop keyboard repair and save some money? We’ve got a step by step guide to diagnosing, repairing and replacing your laptop keyboard.
A Step By Step Guide To Easy Laptop Screen Repair!
Need some info for your laptop screen repair? We’ve got easy to follow instructions and diagrams to help you get the job done!
Got A Problem With Your Laptop Overheating? We Can Help!
If your laptop is overheating then you’re not alone. It’s a common problem but we can help! We’ll show you what you can do to have your laptop running cool in no time.
Harddisk / Hard Drive Replacement For Your Laptop – A How To Guide
A guide on harddisk / hard drive replacement for your laptop and the do’s and don’ts of laptop hard drive repair. We’ve got step by step illustrations to guide you through the job.
Straight Up Info On Exactly What You Can Do To Repair Your Laptop Battery
Laptop battery not charging? We’ll tell you exactly what your options are to repair your laptop battery.
Laptop Headphone Jack Repair – What You Need To Know
Laptop sounding a little dodgy? Could be a problem with your headphone jack, follow our guide to laptop headphone jack repair and get the problem sorted.
A Universal Fix To Repair Your Laptop Power Plug
If your laptop’s power plug is feeling loose and only connecting intermittently, you probably need to repair your laptop power plug. We’ll show you a universal fix that can be applied to any DC jack.
Laptop Motherboard Repair – How To Go About It
Having a faulty motherboard can cause some weird things to go on with your laptop, check out our procedures to help pinpoint the fault and do your own laptop motherboard repair.
‘How To Laptop Repair’ Photo Guides
Need some ‘How to laptop repair’ info? Check out our photo guides for some common laptop repair tasks.
Laptop Repair Manuals For HP/Compaq Notebooks
If you’re going to be doing any maintenance on your own machine then you’ll need a laptop repair manual. We’ve got manuals in PDF form for HP and Compaq laptops.
Need To Know How To Clear Your Bios Password? We Can Help!
There’s a couple of good reasons you might need to clear your bios password, if you’ve had your mainboard replaced or simply have forgotten your password. Here’s how to clear or bypass your password.
How To Select Your Boot Drive And Other Useful Boot Order Info
Info covering how to select your boot drive, how to configure your bios boot order, tips on how to execute commands in the DOS environment and some Toshiba specific boot procedures.
We’ve Researched A List Of Resources For Your Laptop Repair Parts!
Looking for laptop parts? We’ve put together a list of links and resources for laptop repair parts that covers all the major notebook manufacturers.
A Guide On How To Backup Laptop Data And Create An SOE
Our guide on how to backup laptop data, suggestions for laptop backup software and how to create an SOE (Standard Operating Environment).
Different Options That Are Available To Backup Your Laptop
One of the most important things you should do is backup your laptop to safeguard your valuable data. We run through a few options available to you.
Our Guide To Laptop Recovery
Laptop recovery doesn’t have to be a huge drama. Take a look at our guide and get your machine back up and running.
Diagnostic Guides For Lenovo ThinkPad Pt.1
Having troubles with your Lenovo ThinkPad? We’ve got troubleshooting guides to cover video, audio and power issues plus lots more.
Diagnostic Guides For Lenovo Think Pad Pt.2
Having troubles with your Lenovo ThinkPad? We’ve got troubleshooting guides to cover video, audio and multimedia issues plus lots more.
Laptop Warranty Repair Issues? What Really Goes On
A laptop warranty repair isn’t always as straight forward as it should be. We explain some of the finer points to be aware of when you make a warranty repair claim on your notebook.
We Check Out The Best Free Laptop Software
If you’re on a budget like the rest of us then free laptop software that actually does the job is just the thing. We check out some highly rated utlilities that don’t cost a cent.
We Take A Look At Two Leading Rugged Laptops
Rugged laptops are purpose built machines for extreme environments, we check out a couple of the top machines to see what features you get for your extra dollars when you buy a rugged laptop computer.
What To Look For In A Cheap Notebook Computer
Finding a cheap notebook computer that isn’t a dud can be tricky. We’ve put together a guide to help you sort the wheat from the chaff as you search for a cheap second hand laptop.
If You’re Looking For A Cheap Notebook Computer Case Take A Look At Our Guide
Check out our guide if you’re looking to get a notebook computer case. A laptop is an expensive investment so make sure you get something that will protect your machine and not some cheap dodgy bag!
How To Hook Your Cellphone To Your Laptop
With cellphones becoming more multimedia capable, there’s now a need to both upload and download from your phone to your laptop. We look at the most common ways to hook your cellphone to your laptop.
So What Is The Difference Between A Laptop And A Notebook?
We get the odd query about what is the difference between a laptop and a notebook. We’ve put our brainiac research department on the job and here’s what they managed to come up with.
FRC Tech Services Can Perform Computer Maintenance/Spyware Removal/Data Backups
FRC Tech offer computer maintenance services to rid your computer of unwanted files, improve performance, spyware removal, system rebuilds and data backups/recovery. We service the Geelong area.
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A step by step procedure for Toshiba Satellite L450D BIOS password removal.