Large OLED TVs won’t be feasible

Large OLED TVs won’t be feasible

Jul 28, 2011

AUO VP says large OLED TVs won’t be feasible for commercial use until 2014

By  posted Jul 28th 2011 3:06PM

Eager to get your hands on a big-screen OLED TV? Then it looks like you may still have to wait a few more years — at least according to Paul Peng, the executive vice president of display manufacturer AU Optronics (otherwise known as AUO). While the technology has been getting cheaper and more efficientas of late, he says that the production costs are still too high and yield rates too low for large OLED TVs to be feasible for commercial use any time before 2014. Of course, we suppose that all depends on your definition of “feasible.” Last we heard, LG was still planning on releasing a 55-inch OLED TV by mid-2012 — for a yet-to-be-disclosed price.


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