Leading Small Business IT Support in Schaumburg

Leading Small Business IT Support in Schaumburg

Nov 12, 2011

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Are you a small business trying to grow in these tough time? Technology is integral to business in this day and age and is constantly being reinvented to for the sake of making business easier. 201o has seen the rise of small businesses in America but these small businesses are now in their second year and in dire need of technological help. That’s where Kamien Computers comes in! We are small business IT support professionals. Offering weekly and monthly plans for business support and maintenance, Kamien Computers offers logically-based IT support plans conducive to business growth.

One-time Repairs?

Maybe your servers have crashed, you can’t access your e-mails, or you are dealing with constant pop-ups influencing the state of your machines. Regardless of which, Kamien Computers is here to help and ensure your systems are back online same day. Supporting the entire Northwest Suburbs and West Chicago, Kamien Computer repair has solutions driven towards growing your business through the clever and planned use of technology. Give us a call today at 847-348-0264 for a free consultation on how we can help you take your business to the next level. There’s never been a better time for computer repair in Schaumburg.

Monthly Repairs

computer repair schaumburgThis is a very popular solution with most businesses we serve in the area. You don’t need business IT Support and you don’t need help desk support but you want to have peace of mind in knowing your computers wont crash at any given moment and don’t want to spend a lot of money to maintain them. Kamien Computer repair in Schaumburg has specially developed plans around this type of business need to provide remote maintenance and support in  all of the critical areas of computer usage. Plans vary based on your business needs. Call today for a free assessment on how Kamien Computer Repair in Schaumburg can help you have peace of mind in all of your daily operations.

Networking in Schaumburg

Need a professionally made Ethernet network set up in Schaumburg? Kamien Computers has over 6 years in the business of Ethernet networks and has the tools, skill, and knowledge to set up a land-line network for all of your business needs. Whether you are using VoIP phones, servers, or even a simple work-group, Kamien Computers has what it takes to ensure that you have a stable and fast configuration.

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