MasterCard and Visa got Owned!

MasterCard and Visa got Owned!

Dec 8, 2010

12/8/10 MasterCard and Visa are down!

A group of hackers have infiltrated the MasterCard website and launched a DDOS (“distritubed denail of service”) attack on the website bringing the website to its knees. The nature of the attack is one that floods the security and authentication channels of a website’s server to such a high degree that the machinery cannot handle the workload and thus freezes or remains permanently engaged. Supposedly this is a result of a group of hackers protesting against MasterCard’s decision to stop taking donations to WikiLeaks. In other words, the group of hackers calling themselves “Anonymous” have pulled MasterCard’s plug costing them millions of dollars in losses in protest of MasterCard’s decision against Wiki Leaks. It appears in fact that the hacks have been a result of the online group 4chan which is an online community until today known primarily for custom background wallpapers. This is a day of infamy for them as they propel to world’s most influential hackers.

Furthermore, they quickly regrouped for a 2nd attack. This time was their target. The group Anonymous then moved on to perform a similar attack on the Visa website and brought the site down to a point where they were able to upload an image and take responsibility for their work for everyone to see. You can find this image below. It is not clear whether or not the team is responsible for the mass identity theft that is taking place as we speak. Many credit card numbers and identities from the servers have already been countlessly and permanently lost. Through peer-to-peer channels like many files have already been shared and are available for download. Because of the attention this event has attracted, Virus & Spyware developers have also flooded the peer-to-peer market with many downloadable files named MasterCard and Visa hosted with many different kinds of Trojans and viruses. Everyone should take maximum caution and Kamien Computers’ position is against these downloads for ethical and digital security reasons.




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