Microsoft and Nokia to partner up

Nokia once used to be one of the most trusted manufacturers to make very reliable portable devices such as PDAs and smartphones. Nokia’s customers were usually satisfied with the company’s products because of the hardware used and the features implemented. As the time went on, Nokia have in fact continued to improve the hardware but at the same time got behind the other companies with the software included. Nokia’s own smartphone operating system, the Symbian once used to be very popular and present on the new device releases but this has changed in the past. The Symbian now after several years became impractical and there is no sign for a new version to be released.

Still implementing some of the best hardware on the market such as 12MP cameras, high storage capacity, reliable GPS receivers and even HDMI outputs into the devices, the firmware is the worst part of the device. Symbian, being the weak link of the devices is now to be replaced with the the Windows Mobile that belongs to Microsoft. Not only will that enable Nokia’s customers to receive more of the devices’ potential but also it would increase the profits of both companies at the same time.
The announcement will be made at an event on Friday 11th and hopefully the result of the partnership will be positive.

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