Netflix Jacks Up Prices

Netflix Jacks Up Prices

Jul 13, 2011

New Netflix, NBCUniversal deal announced; extra $6 a month buys some old eps of The Event

By  posted Jul 13th 2011 5:20PM

In case you were wondering what the updated rates are buying, Netflix’s first step in making its case for your $7.99 a month in streaming fees appears to be a renewal of its content deal with NBCUniversal. The new deal secures availability of previous seasons of popular shows including 30 RockThe OfficePsychand other selections we’ve gotten used to seeing on the service for the next couple of years. There is one notable loss however, as the LA Times points out an arrangement that brought new episodes of Saturday Night Live to the service the day after they aired has come to an end. Rumors had swirled that Netflix could revive The Event after its cancellation by NBC, but while existing episodes will be available there’s nothing mentioned about putting it next to the streamer’s own House of Cards. Given Comcast (and now NBCU) leader Brian Robert’s reference to Netflix as the rerun TV and Netflix CEO Reed Hastings’embracing of the term this deal isn’t surprising, but our only question is whether it is enough to keep current subscribers around.

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