Nintendo DS Repair

Nintendo DS Repair

Uh oh! Got a cracked DS screen? Maybe your DS stopped charging or wont read your pinball and Mario games? Come by our store for a free assessment on how we can help you get back up and running. Our service is lvl 100. Check out our store.

• Cracked Screen: $60

• No Power: $60

• Wont Read Game: $60

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Add NoteEditStep 1 — Nintendo DSi Teardown

  •  Its here! Its here! Whoopee!
  •  Contents of the box:
    •  Nintendo DSi
    •  Operation Manual
    •  Quick Start Guide
    •  AC Adapter
    •  Extra Stylus
    •  An invitation from Mario’s hat to join Club Nintendo.
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Add NoteEditStep 2

  •  Oooh pretty colors!
  •  The manual is larger in every dimension than the DSi except for thickness. Many of the pages are in color… That’s probably why the DSi costs so much more than its forebear.
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Add NoteEditStep 3

  •  A side by side comparison of the Nintendo DS Lite (left) and the Nintendo DSi (right).
  •  The DSi has a new skin: a matte-black (almost dark gray) color that feels much rougher than the DS Lite. The roughness allows for better grip of the system, as well as improved scratch resistance.
  •  The DSi is 3 mm thinner than the DS Lite, while its length and width increase by 4 mm and 1 mm, respectively.
  •  The DSi comes with 3.25″ LCD panels, a full 0.25″ larger than the previous model’s 3″ panels.
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Add NoteEditStep 4

  •  Two Phillips screws prevent access to the battery. They are easily dealt with using our custom-made screwdriver.
  •  A quick flick of the spudger (or fingernail) dislocates the battery from its housing.
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Add NoteEditStep 5

  •  There are a total of seven screws that hold the lower case of the DSi together:
    •  Three are immediately visible without removing any plug or cover.
    •  Two plugs near the top of the unit have to be removed to reveal two screws.
    •  Removal of the battery compartment reveals two additional screws that need to be removed.
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Add NoteEditStep 6

  •  And just like that, the case comes open.
  •  An orange connector joins the cases together. Care should be taken when opening the DSi to ensure this connector is not damaged in the process.
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Add NoteEditStep 7

  •  A comparison between the old and the new. There are definite differences between the DS Lite (left) and DSi (right).
  •  The DSi uses a smaller 840mAh rechargeable battery (right) compared to 1000mAh for the DS Lite (left). The difference in size is proportionate to the difference in capacity. The original Nintendo DS shipped with an 850mAh battery.