Pokemon on iOS & Android

Pokemon on iOS & Android

Jul 10, 2011

Pokemon headed to iOS, Android, Nintendo still doesn’t give a Jigglypuff about casual gaming

By  posted Jul 10th 2011 9:00AM

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata made no bones about his disdain for casual mobile gaming during his keynote at GDC earlier this year. According to the executive, Nintendo will sustain itself with the sort of value absent from the current app explosion. Rovio naturally took issue with the statement and fired back, like so many disgruntled feathered animals. With all of that in mind, it was a bit surprising to hear that a Pokemon card game is headed for the iPhone and Android devices in Japan this summer — after all, Nintendo does own a share of the popular monster-based franchise. Before you get too attached to the concept of Mario on your iOS device, however, keep two things in mind — first, Nintendo only owns about a third of the franchise. Second, the company quickly shot down the suggestion of further expansion into the world of phone apps. Those 3DS games aren’t going to buy themselves, after all.

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