Seagate bsy busy state fix

Seagate bsy busy state fix

Aug 16, 2011

Are you looking for Seagate BSY State Fixes?

Kamien Computers in Schaumburg IL has a great track record of repairing Seagate drives with the BSY or BUSY state failure. The essence of this problem is a firmware corruption that can’t be solved through normal techniques and approaches making it a particularly difficult repair to achieve. Fortunately Kamien Computers has found tried and true methods to manually rebuild the firmware and get the drives either working again at full capacity or at least long enough to recover your important information.

Is the Seagate BSY State Fix expensive?

Through Seagate or other professional data recovery services, costs can be as little us $500-$700 and as much as $2000-$3000. Kamien Computers charges a flat rate for data recovery at $300 for the Busy State Fix. If you are interested in the Seagate BSY state fix, call us at 847-348-0264 and ask for George or Jack for a free consultation on how you can take advantage of service today. Kamien Computers also accepts hard drives nationwide sent to our Schaumburg address. You must call ahead of time so that we can anticipate the arrival of your hard disk. There is a minimum $50 charge for the initial diagnosis and it works as a credit towards your service. We will pay for shipping for the return of your disk.

Update: Since this post been posted we have successfully fixed 13 Seagate firmware problems. The success rate is 100% so far.