Seagate Firmware BSY State FIXED!

Seagate Firmware BSY State FIXED!

Jul 28, 2011

Seagate BUSY state Fix

For the past few years, Seagate has been releasing bad hard drives (Barracuda 7200.11 SD15) which self implode on themselves at some point during their lifetime due to bad firmware out of the factory or through updates. If you have Seagate hard drive check for any available updates because you can prevent it from happening.

The tricky part is that the company would have you buy special cables to fix the situation but the methods suggested on the website do not actually work 90% of the time (not to mention they offer factory direct recovery solutions that they charge for, firmware recovering being north of $500-$3000. The being said, we’ve found cost effective solutions for recovering data from your Failgate hard disks. In fact, they are so effective you drive will be working again. The basic problem with the hard disk is that the firmware stops allowing the hard disk information to be recognized by the computer.

If you are suffering form Seagate BUSY State in IL or would like to ship your hard disk to us, give us a call at 847-348-0264 for a free consultation on how you can take advantage today.