Search Engine Optimization Schaumburg

Search Engine Optimization Schaumburg

Search Engine Optimization is not to be taken lightly. In fact, based on your geographic location and business style, search engine optimization might be the only service you need. Consider this analogy: Imagine a room filled with 100 people who all perform different or related services. Imagine that 2 out of 100 perform the service of window replacement. With this information in mind, outsiders start coming in and out of the room with 100 people asking if anyone in those 100 people perform certain services. The two who perform window replacement services naturally voice themselves as the authorities on the matter, and because there is no other competition, they will divide all of the work when someone comes by asking for window replacement. This is the same scenario as you would find in Google for services which are provided locally in your community but are not in high competition and therefore they require little SEO to get to the top of listings when people are looking for them. Now consider that 14 other people perform carpentry services out of that room of 100. Certainly all 14 people will not have time to voice themselves as the authorities on carpentry and it’s like that as more and more people start visiting that room they will have to ask others who the best and/or most affordable local carpenter is. Say one of those carpenters puts up a flyer and starts telling people out of those 100 in the room to look at his flyer and remember him as the carpenter in the room. The result will be that this carpenter will be remembered by everyone else as the only carpenter in the room. The result of which will not get him a 10% or 40% or 50% boost in business and traffic, but an 80% across the board (no pun intended). In a nutshell, search engine optimization works in the same fashion. It is the art of teaching Google how to find you based on the desired keyword searches of your target audience. In other words, when someone performs a Google Search for the words “Computer Repair in Schaumburg,” any combination of those words will generate our website at the top of local listings for Schaumburg area as well as organically display us the top of the search terms. This has to do with the amount of networking we’ve done, clever search engine optimization, and usage of keywords that our target audience will be likely to use in trying to find our services.

How well does it work?

In a matter of 8 months, not only have we secured a client base for our business, but in doing good and honest work for them when they walk through the doors, we have also grown by word of mouth. In essence, the amount of traffic we have secured as a result of clever placement in popular search engines and social networks has given us the competitive edge to survive and grow as a business in this economy. In addition, since we have taken over the search engine space, we have also distinguished our services against our competitors who performed lower quality work and as a result two out of 6 of them have gone out of business and no longer compete with us. Though it’s not our goal to take down other businesses, it speaks to the fact that this method unquestionably works.

Do People Use This Service Often?

Every client that we have taken on for search engine optimization on a month-to-month contract has stayed with us from signing, even until today. Our oldest client is on-board with our services for 3 years on a month to month contract without interruption. Typically our clients generate enough traffic to pay for search engine optimization 3-6 times over. The internet has the power to take a poor or weak location and transform it into a bustling hub for business, opening up new opportunities and possibilities for the future. We have taken businesses from making $80,000 a year to over $200,000k and into opening a second location (paid for out of pocket). Even better than that is the fact that our search engine optimization services are the only form of advertisement they have used. For anyone who would like more information, we are happy to demonstrate our portfolio.

Who Does SEO Work For?

Search Engine Optimization works for almost every business. In 90% of examples, it determines the rise and fall of businesses within a two year time span. Importance will only increase as time goes by so it is important to jump in now and secure the space before you have to later. We have built sites which average traffic of 70 or 80 visits a day for local services, to global websites which net 5000-7000 views a day. On a side note, with that kind of traffic, we can help you analyze your demographic to determine who your primary viewers are and help you create a portfolio to accept banners and ads to your website that will pay not only for website operations and search engine optimization, but also make money for you.

Do You Have Proven Results?

Absolutely. Our company practice is not to get behind anything we don’t believe in. All things aside, we are in the business of getting results for our clients. Though we will not post information about each individual campaign, we are happy to show potential clients who our customers are and how easily they can be found on search engines, and show them the kind of website traffic they get on a daily and monthly basis. As mentioned above, out of all clients who have signed for their first month of search engine optimization, all of them remain paying customers on an uninterrupted month to month basis. That speaks for itself.

Who Is Your Ideal Client?

We work with all kinds of businesses but prefer small to medium size establishments because there is less “red tape” to worry about. When we have the creative freedom to manage and push their website and services, we get the best results. This is proven. In addition, the greatest rewards of our job is seeing the tremendous customer satisfaction when we all know that they are getting 5x more clients after 6 months because of our search engine optimization and website design services. Our work is professional, affordable, and gets outstanding results. In addition, there are no geographic restrains to our work because we provide our service globally.