The Secret To Winning The Web

The Secret To Winning The Web

Jun 25, 2011

It All Starts With An Idea

Grow your idea using 3 key strategies-


  • Research and Identify Your Audience:

    • Know your audience and know yourself. If you are a chiropractor for example, it would be wise to get your website associated with chiropractor, foot pain, back pain, physical therapy, and whatever terms are generating the highest amount of hits per month. Doing so will be very beneficial because you’ve identified the type of service you offer and how people find your service when they conduct online searches. In fact, 83% of travel done online is conducted through search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Professional Google Ranking Specialists in Schaumburg can help you identify the best method for reaching out to your audience.
  • Market To Two Audiences

    • Content always wins online. Always try to generate new and effective content that is pertinent to your work and to what your clients are looking for when they are considering making a purchase. But just because it appeals to your online audience, doesn’t mean it will necessarily rank to a place where it becomes easily accessible to them. Therefore its important to write content that appeals to readers as well as search engines. For example, you probably found this site through a referring site or search engine under keywords like computer repair or website design. And because you found us under those terms you can also experience the benefit of learning about websites and search engine optimization (terms which appeal to 40% of our direct traffic) which increases our presence locally as well as gives us an opportunity to serve more clients with our high quality search optimization and website design services. This is a situation that can be copied and pasted into any field (like Vitamin Stores, Data Recovery Services, Power Washing Services, etc). Therefore it’s critical to market to search engines as well as readers to achieve the best effect.
  • Don’t Pay For Ridiculous Advertising Giants

    • Take it from me, we’ve used major companies before for advertising like Yelp, Yellow book, Yellow Pages,  dexKnows, and the others. They simply don’t work. They are simply businesses that are seeking to generate money from you and other local businesses for the sake of collecting residual costs every month from a large number of businesses. Kamien Computers has personally verified this by setting up agreements with these companies to test their services for 6 months to outperform our custom tailored service and each time they have all lost. What’s the difference? They are only selling you media instead of custom tailored and well thought out searches. Take the term “Computer Repair in Schaumburg” for example. This is one of the most high competitive terms in all of IL. The keyword density and competition are usually between 90%-99% leaving very little room for start-ups to get their feet through the door. Yet we have always climbed to the top where these major nationwide providers have struggled to even get on the first or second page. Their services only work because of the momentum of their own websites and they believe that by linking back to these enormous sites, it will have enough power to raise up any of your listings to the top. However, when you grill them for answers on why they can’t seem to get up to the top with a service that they swear by is the most sophisticated in America, they simply fall short and have nothing to say. The most disgusting part is the feel entitled to charge you upwards of $500/month on 1-3 year contract. I personally have trouble sleeping at night knowing companies like this exist, especially on a nationwide scale. The bottom line is that these services are simply useless and these advertising companies are starving for money because everyone is finding out more and more. That being said, Kamien Computers offers working solutions that almost always pay for themselves within the first few months and continue to do so for every month of service. Search Engine Optimization is an always changing and rapidly evolving art that requires a lot of time and attention. Smaller companies with dedicated teams are the best choice for these projects because they can also move quickly to accommodate new changes in SEO practice whereas larger companies are constantly disappointing on the web advertising end. If you’d like to know more about how Kamien Computers gets such great results, call us at 847-348-0264 or stop by our store location for a free website analysis and consultation. We’re confident that we can find the best methods to advertise your website online under any circumstances.