Virus and spyware removal

Computer running slower? Pop-ups interfering with your work? It is time to bring your computer in for Virus and Spyware Removal. We can removal all of the virus and spyware problems you are suffering from and repair your computer to work as quickly as it did on the day you bought it!

Most users have infections long before they realize it. In fact, many of them wait until it’s too late. Even though we don’t like paying for anti-virus, it’s no harm to at least install a free version of your favorite program. If you are reading this and you don’t have any anti-virus, considering downloading this free version of AVG immediately: . Don’t wait until your computer starts generating pop-ups or stops responding.

Keep your tools clean. At Kamien Computers, we believe the computer is the single most important tool of our day and age. I don’t know anyone would prefer their car over their computer. Computer’s allow us new and exciting opportunities through the internet. We can be social, we can explore and learn about many different subjects as humans never could before, and even run businesses or advertise with our computers. The possibilities are endless. These are just a few of the reasons why you must keep your computer clean.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do Viruses come from?
    • Viruses and Spyware are essentially created by people who seek to either slow down your computer to the point where you have to pay them or someone else to fix it, or they seek to steal your identity by monitoring your typing or saving your financial information whenever you conduct commercial affairs on your computer.
  • Isn’t this Anti-Virus supposed to get rid of my problems?
    • Anti-virus and Anti-spyware are meant to protect your computer but they cannot replace the intelligence and freedom of choice that trained experts have. Furthermore, if your are using Norton or McAfee products, you are more likely to get infected than using other software. Norton and McAfee are the two largest Anti-Virus companies on the planet. Most virus developers are well aware of this so they are constantly developing viruses which are more likely to get past the protection of Norton and McAfee because it serves the best interest and survival of their creation. That being said, Anti-virus and Anti-spyware work more like shields than immunity systems.
  • So how do these infections get through?
    • There are many ways infections can enter your system. Without any protection, it’s quite easy for them to intrude. Two of the sneakiest and most common ways that major infections get through are by taking advantage of third party toolbars on your computer like MyWebSearch toolbar or Google toolbar and so on. These toolbars are additional pieces of software that incorporate themselves into your browser (like Firefox, or Internet Explorer). They are installed and working with your browser but create an area for exploitation to let viruses and spyware through. Another method which often immediately leads to destruction is by acquiring Trojan Viruses. Trojans in and of themselves are usually harmless which makes their activity harder to detect. The most common means they use to enter your system is through your own downloads. A common example would be a teenager pulling free music or games off of the internet. The download that contains the music or games they are seeking may also contain a virus. In such an example, a Trojan virus would not directly destroy your machine but it would open up ports on your computer to allow infections to be quickly and securely downloaded into your machine. From that point forward, the infections begin to slow down your internet speed, your entire computer performance, or begin to take away computer privileges that you would normally enjoy.
  • What can I do to get rid of the problem?
    • The best thing to do is immediately perform a virus scan when you notice a drop in performance or pop ups beginning to populate the screen. There is still a chance your protection may be able to stop the virus or spyware in its tracks and restore security to your machine. If it’s not the case it may already be too late and you should shut your computer down and call one of our friendly agents to assess the situation. Our direct number is 847-909-0687