Warning! New Virus & Spyware Threats!

Computer Repair in Schaumburg

April of 2011 has seen the rise of several new strains of old viruses. On the outside they look very much the same as viruses we have seen over the last two years but in terms of mechanics they are quite different. These are dangerous viruses because of the nature of files that they attack. We call viruses like these “Windows Killers” because they tend to target files that are responsible for launching your version of Windows and your user profile. These viruses can be very difficult to remove and often jeopardize your data. This is another good reason to always have your information backed up to another hard drive or disk space. Click here for more information on backing up your data.

Virus Removal in Schaumburg

If you are affected by any of these viruses, it’s best to deal with them when they first appear. If you notice pop-ups on your computer asking for your credit card in order to remove several hundred Trojans or other viruses, please shut your computer down and bring it into our shop for a free consultation on what to do next. We have over 5 locations throughout Chicago that you can take advantage of today.