Xbox 360 Repair

xBox 360 Repair

Having issues with your xbox 360? Microsoft makes high quality and reliable products. Anyways, we fix them. Have questions about repairs or questions about a repair you don’t see listed? Bring it by our store location and we’ll be happy to check it out for you.

• RROD: $60

• DVD Stuck: $20

• Freezing Repair: $60

• No Video Signal/ E74 Error:$60

• Any E errors: $60

• DVD Drive Replacement: $80


Xbox 360 repair in Schaumburg in Schaumburg

Are you suffering form e64 errors with your Xbox in Schaumburg? Maybe you’ve seen the red ring of death? No Problems. Kamien Computers repair in Schaumburgs xbox 360 gaming consoles in Schaumburg as well as other small electronics. If you are suffering from Xbox 36o errors, stop by our store in Schaumburg located near Harper College.

Going through the Xbox 360 360 RROD

The Xbox 360 360 RROD is short for for what is known the ‘Xbox 360 red-colored ring of death’ entirely – and which describes among the most common Xbox 360 360 problems.

The fundamental factor that occurs whenever your Xbox 360 360 console is confronted with Xbox 360 360 RROD is the fact that upon your switching in your Xbox 360 360 console, you’re met with three flashing red-colored lights round the energy switch (as opposed to the expected four eco-friendly lights), then a scenario in which the console does not function any more.

Because it works out, the Xbox 360 360 RROD is really a ‘fatal’ error, and therefore upon experiencing it, there’s little that you can do to solve it because unlike other simple errors where just switching the console off after which switching it on sorts everything, the RROD will probably persist however many occasions you attempt switching off and on.

Obviously, just before the appearance of the Xbox 360 360, if you notice some indicators, if you’re a keen observer. Graphical problems when you’re proceeding with games around the console, the Xbox 360 360 freezing up rather too often, the lack of ability of Xbox 360 to change off instantly (to ensure that you need to switch them back ‘coldly’ with the energy button) are signs that the Xbox 360 360 RROD is eminent.

Fortunately, the Xbox 360 360 RROD – that is stated to become triggered by faulty joinery within the graphics nick underlying the console – is among the errors taught in Microsoft Warranty (for 3 years in the date of purchase), to ensure that in case your Xbox 360 360 transpires with experienced in the RROD throughout that time period, you could have Microsoft do the repair in Schaumburg for you personally absolutely totally free.

And when you needed to discount the first Xbox 360 360 because of a red-colored ring of dying, it’s not necessary to provide on the Xbox 360 360 altogether, because all signs in recent Xbox 360 360 models are that Microsoft has set up measures to check on from the incidence from the RROD – to ensure that it hardly ever happens in new types of the console.

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Common Xbox 360 Problems

Xbox 360 is Microsoft’s popular game console that was initially launched in 2005. But while Xbox 360 has been by and large a well received product, which has gone on to deliver on most of what it promises, a number of problems have been identified with it (as would be expected of any product based on intricate electronic circuitry).

One of the commonest Xbox 360 problems is the so called Xbox 360 red ring of death – or ‘general hardware failure’ in engineer-speak, and which has been known to render the Xbox 360 it affects virtually unusable. While Microsoft has not been too forthcoming with the specific details on what could be the real problem behind the Xbox 360 red ring of death, independent analysts who have take the trouble to examine the affected game consoles have expressed the opinion that it could be one of the Xbox 360 problems occurring due to graphics card soldering mistakes. Microsoft has however undertaken mitigating actions against this error, and it is no longer as common as it used to be in the early days of the Xbox 360.

Other common Xbox 360 problems, besides the red ring of death, include the so-called E74 Errors – associated with video problems in the game console. It is the Xbox Error E74 and the Xbox 360 red ring of death, that make the commonest Xbox 360 problems, and it is in recognition of this fact that Microsoft started offering extended three year warranties against these problems.

Another less common Xbox 360 problem is the so called open tray error, where the game console, when unable to read a multimedia file from either a compact disk (CD) or a Digital Video (DVD), has been known to ‘altogether forget’ about the disk it is unable to read, instead offering the user the option of ‘opening the tray’ – which can be frustrating. Thankfully, unlike the first two Xbox 360 problems described earlier, which are more often than not rooted in very sensitive parts of the console’s core circuitry, the open tray error is usually just a matter to do with the ‘local’ parts of the console responsible for CD/DVD reading, and sorting it out can be as simple a matter as getting the lasers with which it reads these devices cleaned.

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